A clear ordered path is like the results one achieves from using A Clear Path organizers

How Virtual Organizing Sessions work:

  1. We use video chat platform (Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Duo)
  2. 1st Consultation is Free: Let us know what area you would like to tackle and what are the challenges of this area
  3. Take photos: Take photos of the space from several angles and send them to your Organizer
  4. A plan is created: your Organizer will analyze and assess the space and come up with a plan of attack!
  5. Arrange a 2-hour organizing session with your Organizer who gives step by step directives and instructions, and you carry them out. Questions, answers and brainstorming during this session are highly encouraged to make sure we find the right systems for you.
  6. After the session, you Organizer may offer some “homework” suggestions.
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